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Overcome anti-scraping blockers

DataFlirt web scraping services overcome IP blocking, browser fingerprints, and captcha anti-blocking technologies for high quality data extraction.

Rotating Proxies

Smart proxy rotation, use of residential and data centre proxies effectively handles bans.

Javascript Rendering

Smart browser automation for scraping dynamic complex websites without sacrificing performance and efficiency.

Session & Cookies Management

Session cookies, and session state management to reduce bot detection probability, and scrape data efficiently.

High Performing Web Scraping Services With Scripts Optimised For Low-latency

Data Scraping Scripts Designed For High-performance By Sticking With  Efficient Coding (Multithreading, Multiprocessing, and Asyncio), Intelligent Throttling,  Caching, Appropriate Request Handling, Rotating proxies, Serverless Architecture, and Distributed Crawling.


multithreading in python

Scrape data from multiple pages with concurrent HTTP requests for faster data extraction.


Multiprocessing python web scraping

To speed up parsing of HTML content,  storage of scraped data, and quick retrieval of stored data. 


Serverless Scraping Architecture
Serverless Architecture

Serverless functions led web scraping to provision and scale the infrastructure on demand.


Distributed crawling architecture
Distributed Crawling

Large-scale scraping and parsing of data from different sources.

open source web scraping technologies

Cut costs with open-source web scraping technologies

Deploy a lean web scraping architecture in the cloud that make use of Python & Javascript web scraping libraries and frameworks, and browser automation tools to cut costs. Open-source web scraping tools examples include Crawlee, Playwright, Puppeteer, Selenium, Scrapy, Beautifulsoup4, etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In 2000 and 2009, two major Scraping lawsuits cases went against people scraping the data. Fast forward to 2019, the court’s decision didn’t go in favour of the Linkedin, with the court underlining that scaling publicly available data responsibly is fine. Nothing illegal about it. But I recommend my prospects to check local laws, or the laws governing data of the target websites.

Which tools are used for web scraping?
  1. Beautiful Soup
  2. Scrapy
  3. Selenium
  4. Requests-HTML
  5. Puppeteer
  6. Apache Nutch
  7. Octoparse
  8. ParseHub
  9. PyQuery
  10. MechanicalSoup
  11. Cheerio
  12. lxml
  13. PhantomJS
Do you offer one-time web scraping needs ?

Yes, we do offer one-time web & App data extracting, aka., scraping