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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only provide scraping scripts?

Depending on what the client seeks, we provide both- scraping script and the data. Often, client do not need code, they just need data. So, for them we scrape the data, and share in the required format with them. But sometimes, the client is building ETL pipelines, and they want scraping scripts. In such cases, we write the scripts as needed, and hand over the same to the client.

How the pricing differs if it is just data that we need?

When you need just the data, still we have to write the scripts, and hence, script charges still apply. On top of it, for every row scraped, their we be additional price. The pricing for row-based web scraping services differs from one website to another. For context, scraping Amazon products, the script charges would be $2249, and then for scraping 50K products on a daily basis, there will be scraping charges of $150- $200/day. But the pricing for Louis Vuitton (LV) SKUs data will be $100/day – $350/day, as the cloud costs for scraping LV could be higher, depending on what all data you need.

Do you offer one-time scraping?

Yes, we do provide one time web scraping services. For instance, if you need to scrape a business directory like Clutch with a frequency of once in a month/year, we do cater to such needs.

Do you provide script maintenance support?

Yes, by default, if you’re using our “web scraping script” services, we provide you with one month of script maintenance services. If you need an extended maintenance services for the web scraping scripts, we can discuss it on call. The pricing for maintenance differs based on how complex the website changes, or you can book a specific number of hours per month for script maintenance.  

Do you also provide data QA services?

We have freelance partners who have expertise in data quality assurance services. We can help you avail their services by hiring them, or you can have your own data QA engineers, whom we can work with positively as a team. Data QA comes at additional cost. QA is not part of our offerings as of now, but in future, we do plan to offer that as well to deliver a seamless experience to you.